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These pictures will help you understand the process of making our stretched canvases. We take the time to make sure we are using quality products in the best way possible. On average, we use 1"x2" boards that we mill, route, miter, and bond together ourselves. After that, we use 12oz. canvas to wrap, staple, and seal so it will end with a tight surface. 

We make canvases for artists who want quality for their art.

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Who are we?

Hi, our names are Eddie and Jake.  We were both born and raised in San Jose, CA, and have been painting together since 1998.  Early on, we realized that we could achieve a higher quality of work with handmade canvases rather than using ones that were factory made.  As we worked with other artists, we found that they also preferred working on these types of surfaces and we began making canvases in the sizes they wanted.  These artists were proud of the work they were able to produce working on a surface that met their exact specifications.
Perhaps there is a spot on your wall at home where you could just picture the perfect painting, but haven’t been able to find that perfectly sized canvas to paint it on.  Maybe you are just more comfortable working on a particular size canvas.  Either way, we can make that canvas for you, and we know you will be much happier painting on one of our canvases.

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